Monday, February 10, 2014

essie – encrusted | LE

Essie just released a new collection called “encrusted”. It contains six polishes with different finishes. All of them contain glitter, though. I bought two which can be used as a top coat or alone.
These are the available colours:
Pretty glittery, right?!
So here is the first of the two I bought:
This is called “on a silver platter”. The base contains small golden and silver glitter. Mixed in are some bigger chunks of glitter which look silver or blue, depending on how you look on it.
The swatch above is on white polish. I only applied one coat of “on a silver platter”. If you apply two coats on your bare nail it is opaque enough to not see the nail line.
This one look similar to all the fuzzy polishes that were the hype in spring and summer 2013. It is called “peak of chic”. The polish contains white and silver fuzzies
As above, I applied one coat of “peak of chic” on a white polish. If this one would be really opaque, I have not yet tested. You’d probably need more than two layers.

So these are the two polishes I bought from the essie encrusted collection.

As I said, they are already available. I found mine in a dm.

Did you already buy one? Or some? Are you planning to?

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