Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New home for my p2 nail polishes

Finally I found a box that is high enough for my p2 nail polishes!

First I wanted to use a GlossyBox but it wasn't high enough. The lid wouldn't close.

Then I got my first Douglas Box-of-Beauty. And what can I say?! It has the perfect height!
As you can see the different colors from above it is easy to choose which one to wear.

Here is my little collection:

Monday, May 23, 2011

GlossyBox vs. Douglas

I wanted to show you a picture of the samples you get from GlossyBox and the ones you get from Douglas.

The sample on the left is from GlossyBox and contains 50 ml.

The other one is a sample from Douglas and contains only 30 ml.

This shows that you really get deluxe beauty samples from GlossyBox and not just the average samples.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

GlossyBox May

After reading yesterday that many lucky women already got their GlossyBox, I got mine today!!!
I always get it one day after the others. Don't know why... It has always been like this since the first box in March.
Anyway, I took some pictures so you could see what was in my box.

The samples were quite big this time!

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray 50 ml

L'Occitane Karité Hand Cream Dry Skin 10 ml

Calvin Klein Beauty Luminous bath & shower créme 50 ml

Full-size Kryolan lipstick in LF103. Exactly MY red! <3

Lancaster After Sun Tan Maximizer 50 ml

So, this was the May Box, can't wait until the next one comes...! ;-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nail of the DayVIII

Actually I didn't want to make a blog post for the next few weeks because I have to finish writing my bachelor thesis. But you know, I just couldn't do it....

Today I have a Five Fruit Punch for you! I don't know if you know the cocktail but it's so yummy and it's without alcohol. This totally reminds me of it!

Here is what I used:

# allesandro french top coat (lots of it!!)
# p2 color victim nail polish in 560 scandal
# beauty women fruits for nails (You can buy this at TEDI, which is kind of a dollar store, for just 2€)
# tweezers to put the fruits on your nails



If you like it as much as I do or if you are also writing your thesis, leave me a comment and let me know!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nail of the Day VII

My second try on the essence nail art stamping set:

This time it worked better because I bought the essence nail art stampy polish which is especially for stamping.

As you can see there are 4 patterns. Last time the big leo print didn't work and now the big zebra work didn't... I really don't know why this is happening...

You also have to be careful when you apply a topcoat. It tends to smudge and therefore destroy the whole pattern.


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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Take a look at the blog of Caro and Anna, they have currently a contest where you can win the products in the picture above.
Their blog is really nice! Go check it out! ;-)

Nail of the Day V

I thought it is best to show you the essence nail art glitter toppers on a white "canvas". They also look absolutely gorgeous on every nail color. There are so many variations!
They are also great if your nails are a little chipped. Just put some glitter on top and you're good to go.

One time I have also put shiny star and carry on top of each other which gives a great effect.

If you like my nails leave me a comment! Thx!:-)
PS: If you can't read the names, click on the pictures.

Nail of the Day VI

Nail polish used: p2 color victim nail polish in 620 artful
It's a pretty jade-green. Really like the colour!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eye of the Day I

How to create this look using sleek palettes:


Prime your eye with this color up to your crease. Just use your finger.

 Then you put the purple eye shadow from The Original palette on top.

To define your eye, use the black and put that in your crease and into your outer eye corner creating a V- shape. Make sure you blend the black so you don’t have any harsh edges.

Then take an eye liner brush and put some black eye shadow very close to your lash line.


As a highlight put some of the light color in your inner corner and under your eyebrow.

Put some mascara on – I used the L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes in extra-black – and you’re finished.

Hope you like it, leave me a comment! :-)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nail of the Day IV

Another Nail of the Day!

Well, basically its 4 in 1.

I really have 5 fingers!:-)

So when I was at dm the other day. I bought two new things by essence.

*colour & go nailpolish in 39 lime up!

*nail art stampy designs in 02 style it up!

I was really excited to try the animal prints on this bright green nail polish.

Turned out, it wasn't quite that easy...

It took some time until I finally found a nailpolish that would stick to the stamp. The one I used is from the p2 limited edition meet me at 12:30 in 020 dramatic green. That's a dark green with some shimmer in it. You can see on the picture that the pattern doesn't show up as much as black would have. But I don't have a black nailpolish.

I have used the essence nail art stampy set before and everything was fine back then. I really don't know what the problem was.

Fingers 2,3 & 4 have a pattern from the stampy design plate on them. On the second picture you can see that the lower left pattern has no number. This pattern just didn't want to stick to the stamp! I tried different polishes and cleaned it up with nail polish remover each time. There was always a part in the middle of the pattern that didn't stick. Finally, I gave up...

On finger 1 & 5 I used the p2 crackling coat in 010 black explosion. I really like the result! It's a great contrast of these two colours.

Have you used nail stamps? How did it work out for you? I could show you how to use the stampy set if you want to. Let me know and leave me a comment. :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Make-Up with auto-adjustable pigments

Hey everybody!
Today I have something so exciting to show you.

This is the L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Universal Make-Up with auto-adjustable pigments.

If you hear auto-adjustable pigments, what comes immediately to your mind?!

Exactly, the Origins Vitazing. If you don’t know this moisturizer, watch this video by Tiffany.

When I watched the video I totally wanted the Vitazing. But here in Germany it is so expensive. I just didn’t want to spend that much money. On it was 35 €.

When I walked into dm today, I saw the L’Oréal Make-Up and I just had to have it. It wasn’t inexpensive but not nearly as much as the Vitazing. You get 34 ml, 1.14 FL. OZ. for 17,95€.

It comes in two shades. One for fair skin tone – the one I bought – and for dark skin tones.
If you are really fair, the one for fair skin tones might still be to dark. You'll just have to test it in the store.

When you look at the actual make- up, it is white with some really small dark grains in it. I guess that those are responsible for the colour. As you put it on your face and blend it, it changes colour.

The product as it comes out of the tube.

It changes colour when touched.

It goes on smooth and is easy to blend. Using your fingers is probably the easiest way to use this product.

"Unifying result, Ultra natural, Pigments adjust to skin tone, SPF 12, 24 h moisturizing"

I have not used it a lot so far but I will definetly keep you updated, if my first impression of the product was right.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nail of the Day III

Another Nail of the Day...;-)

So this morning I watched this video by Macbarbie07. It is a nail inspired by tiger stripes.
I really liked it, so here is my try:

I think it turned out quite nice!:-)

Here are the tools I used:

They are the p2 color on nail stylists in the colours 030 shockful green and 020 dramatic pink. They are basically like a felt pen. Really easy to use.

Here's what is says on the packaging:

"Nail art pen with fine tip to control and draw precise lines. Water based formula - can be corrected with a moist cotton swab."

As it is water based, it comes off when you wash your hands and did't put a top coat. Always make sure to do that.